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Inbound and Outbound Flights – Jammu Airport


Flight No Carrier Origin  Departure Time from Origin Arrival Time in Jammu
6E 576 IndiGo (LKO) Lucknow 0710hrs 0845hrs
CD 613 Alliance Air (DEL) Delhi 0635hrs 0850hrs
AI 9613 Air India (DEL) Delhi 0735hrs 0920hrs
6E 554 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 0725hrs 0855hrs
SG 160 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 0845hrs 1000hrs
G8 205 GoAir (IXL) Leh 0930hrs 1025hrs
6E 212 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 0935hrs 1105hrs
SG 937 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 1025hrs 1150hrs
CD 612 Alliance Air (BUP) Bathinda 1050hrs 1200hrs
AI 9612 Air India (BUP) Bathinda 1050hrs 1200hrs
AI 821 Air India (DEL) Delhi 1110hrs 1220hrs
SG 161 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 1150hrs 1240hrs
6E 653 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 1210hrs 1305hrs
G8 287 GoAir (BOM) Mumbai 1055hrs 1335hrs
6E 559 IndiGo (BOM) Mumbai 1100hrs 1345hrs
UK 799 Vistara (SXR) Srinagar 1310hrs 1400hrs
SG 144 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 1400hrs 1435hrs
G8 213 GoAir (SXR) Srinagar 1350hrs 1440hrs
AI 822 Air India (SXR) Srinagar 1420hrs 1510hrs
6E 249 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 1415hrs 1540hrs
G8 185 GoAir (DEL) Delhi 1450hrs 1605hrs


Flight No Carrier Destination Departure Time from Jammu Arrival Time at Destination
CD 611 Alliance Air (BUP) Bathinda 0915hrs 1020hrs
AI 9611 Air India (BUP) Bathinda 0915hrs 1020hrs
6E 576 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 0915hrs 0955hrs
6E 554 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 0935hrs 1020hrs
SG 160 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 1030hrs 1120hrs
G8 205 GoAir (DEL) Delhi 1055hrs 1235hrs
6E 921 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 1145hrs 1315hrs
SG 937 SpiceJet (SXR) Srinagar 1220hrs 1255hrs
CD 614 Alliance Air (DEL) Delhi 1230hrs 1425hrs
AI 9614 Air India (DEL) Delhi 0950hrs 1125hrs
AI 821 Air India (SXR) Srinagar 1300hrs 1340hrs
SG 161 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 1315hrs 1435hrs
6E 653 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 1335hrs 1505hrs
G8 287 GoAir (SXR) Srinagar 1405hrs 1510hrs
6E 559 IndiGo (SXR) Srinagar 1415hrs 1500hrs
UK 714 Vistara (SXR) Srinagar 1435hrs 1525hrs
SG 144 SpiceJet (DEL) Delhi 1505hrs 1635hrs
G8 697 GoAir (SXR) Srinagar 1510hrs 1550hrs
AI 822 Air India (DEL) Delhi 1545hrs 1710hrs
6E 535 IndiGo (DEL) Delhi 1610hrs 1735hrs
G8 186 GoAir (DEL) Delhi 1635hrs 1755hrs


"Delegates travelling from other cities to Jammu can book connecting flights from the cities mentioned above"

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